August 9, 2018
Screening and performances begin promptly at 8PM

1611 S Hope Street, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015

The members of the Arts Research C(ooperative) invite you to a one-night event that marks the conclusion of our inaugural summer—six weeks in which we have read theories; talked about money, memes, and depression; shared our projects for critique; critiqued the critique; and created a secret cult handshake.

Works include: definitions of family histories and genealogies within black femininity; a confession of the inability to mourn the death of one’s grandmother; black subjects in simulacra of nature in which their bodies are seen as foreign and dangerous; a modest proposal in response to America’s repudiation of social safety nets; a tour of a home in Brooklyn; a traversal of backyards, enclosures, and commons; four female serial killers restaging the violent penetration of the female Heliconius butterfly on human men; two asteroids in orbit around the gallery space, destined to collide once at random; a search for the perfect place in Los Angeles to work remotely; a recollection of a romantic story in a different language; and a portrait of ARC.

Participants: Kamaria Shepherd, John Junghun Lee, Yvonne Buchanan, Laura Solomon, Xander Rapparport, David Prince, Ariel McCleese, Filip Kostic, Morgan Waltz, Maya Olympia Bush, Andy Bennett, Maura Brewer, Trista E. Mallory, Aliza Shvarts