Strategies for Reparative Pedagogy, summer and fall 2019

In summer and fall 2019, Arts Research Cooperative will present a series of one-day workshops in cities across the US, bringing together artists, students, teachers and cultural producers of all kinds to discuss the current crisis in arts education and explore reparative models. To receive information about upcoming workshops, please sign up for our mailing list.

Strategies for Reparative Pedagogy

The academy is in crisis. In an era of increasing tuition and low-wage, adjunct labor, the university systems no longer serve the needs of either students or teachers. For artists, writers and other cultural producers, this problem is particularly acute. Artists have long relied on academia to provide support and community for research-based and experimental practices that are not market-driven. Yet as the American university system increasingly turns towards a profit-driven model, teachers and students are pitted against each other, forced to compete for dwindling assets – in short, the university is making us paranoid.

Arts Research Cooperative was founded in response to these concerns, to serve an immediate need for practitioners by providing a space for collaborative learning and exchange. We believe that alternative institutions can and must be created to fill the void. In this spirit, we invite you to join us for a one-day workshop to develop strategies in “reparative pedagogy,” exploring modes of repair and reparation in education. Drawing on the writings of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, a reparative pedagogy uses our collective resources to repair the “murderous part-objects” of the educational system “into something like a whole” – although, as Sedgwick reminds us, “not necessarily like any preexisting whole.”

The course will start with a group reading and discussion, followed by a hands-on workshop in which we develop new pedagogical approaches and administrative tactics, including the development of sexual harassment and discrimination policies, and the sharing of resources in educational cooperatives. The aim of this workshop is to counter the alienation that enables our exploitation within the neoliberal university and form new institutions and collectives that better serve our needs.